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The following topics are of interest to individuals who wish to invest conservatively and get the most out of their retirement arrangements and/or life incomes.

Upside Only InvestingSM

Our proprietary brand nameUpside Only InvestingSM pertains to a new generation of investment products which provide returns linked to increases in the stock market while guaranteeing minimum capital values.  Primarily, these are Market-Linked CDs, Equity-Linked Notes and Equity-Indexed Annuities.  However, only equity-indexed annuities provide tax deferral advantages to the individual investor.

Equity-Indexed Annuities 

For many people, equity-indexed annuities are ideal investment vehicles for the longer term, and for retirement savings.  They guarantee the principal invested against market risk, while providing most of the potential upside of the stock market. They are a new asset class.

Equity-indexed annuities are insured investment contracts with tax deferral advantages which, for a single or more premiums, provide a lump sum or a stream of income some years hence. They are issued by some of the largest insurance companies in the world and enable an individual to capture most of the upward movements in a stock market, while providing a guaranteed floor to the investment values.  We call this Upside Only InvestingSM .

With individual investors, I.P.I. specializes in using one or more Equity-Indexed Annuities (EIAs) to structure investment portfolios for the long term, for all ages. 

Unlike variable annuities of old, equity-indexed annuities are modern vehicles, which utilize derivative instruments to reduce downside risk.  EIAs do not carry high mortality and expense charges, etc., and do not normally have a policy fee.

The features and benefits of EIAs are described fully in the insurance industry's (NAIC) booklet "Buyer's Guide to Equity-Indexed Annuities", which may be obtained from us free of charge.

Consulting Services for Plan Participants

(Qualified plans, 401(k), 403(b), 457s, SEPs, IRAs, Rollovers, Roth and Stretch IRAs, etc. )

Our mission at I.P.I. is to help you, the plan participant, preserve and enjoy the retirement savings that you have worked so hard to accumulate. Secondly, and if you so desire, to enable you to pass on as much of your retirement assets to your heirs as you may wish, with minimal taxation and less difficulty.

It is not commonly understood that if appropriate action is not taken in a timely manner, you may lose as much as three-quarters (74%) of your retirement assets on death to income and estate taxes -- even after the latest reductions in tax rates!

We routinely deal with the following types of questions from individuals and employers:

• How to invest and allocate assets to grow your savings for retirement to meet your requirements and goals?  How to protect yourself in declining markets? 
• How to withdraw money from your retirement accounts while minimizing taxes and avoiding penalties?
• On leaving service, whether or not to stay with a company plan or rollover to another plan or an individual IRA?
• How to set up, maintain and invest your retirement accounts for maximum tax benefits, including how to designate accounts for your heirs?
• How to avoid the 10% penalty tax on early withdrawals from your retirement savings before age 59 ½?
• How to reduce your tax bill on capital gains on any employer's company stock in your 401(k) or other qualified retirement account on leaving service?
• Whether or not to convert to a Roth IRA at some stage?
• How to minimize the estate and income tax liabilities (maximum 74% in federal taxes alone) of your retirement assets by using Roth conversions, life insurance, trusts and/or bequests to charity, etc.
• How to use your retirement savings to preserve assets, income and tax-deferred growth for your beneficiaries after your death. (Stretch IRA)
• How to protect your retirement savings from creditors and in divorce, bankruptcy or lawsuits, etc.

Since women commonly have shorter working lifetimes than men, but live longer, what additional steps do they need to take to safeguard their financial security in retirement?

The answers to these questions depend largely on the individual's set of circumstances and objectives and the types of pension plans involved.

We sincerely hope that you will keep your retirement assets in your family for decades, even generations, with minimal taxation. 

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs) enable you to deal with both large stock gains and/or losses, while mitigating capital gains, income and estate taxes. They enable you to invest in a tax-deferred environment and obtain substantially higher income, if desired.

While providing for charity and parting with capital, you can retain control of your investments and derive an income for your lifetime, and/or your spouse, or for a specified period.

The financial advantages of CRTs are considerable and often not well understood.  These include the following benefits:

   1.  Amortize federal and state capital gains taxes on the sale of appreciated assets or properties.

   2.  Increase current spendable income from unproductive or low-income investments.

   3.  Receive substantial additional income at retirement, on an assured basis, which would augment your other sources of pension income.

   4.  Reduce death taxes and help avoid probate while, through life insurance, potentially providing more wealth to your heirs, free of income and estate taxes.

   5.  Recover large capital losses faster by realizing them immediately and reinvesting in a tax-deferred environment, and simultaneously claiming tax deductions for both capital losses and charitable contributions.

   6.  Redirect income and assets, otherwise paid in taxes, to your favorite charities.

We help our clients set up charitable remainder trusts and advise on their investments and administration to meet individual objectives.  However, we do not provide tax or legal advice.

Our view is that Giving Gets MoreSM.  You may save more in taxes than you eventually give away to charity!

Free Offer: There will be no charge or obligation for the first hour of consultation.

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[Notes: (1) While we use the term “Upside Only InvestingSM ”, it should be recognized that an investor can lose money by withdrawing or surrendering an annuity contract prematurely, or if the insurance company becomes insolvent. (2) When you buy an equity-indexed annuity, you own an insurance contract. You are not buying shares of any stock or index. (3) Some stock indexes do not include the reinvestment of dividends. (4) The foregoing is not a full description of EIAs. For complete information, please read the relevant policy documents. (5) At times, any commissions received may be adjusted against any fees payable. (6) This website is for educational purposes only and is not a recommendation or offer of any particular security, strategy or investment product. (7) This website contains the current opinions of its authors and such opinions are subject to change without notice. (8) Information contained on this website has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed.]